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Mostafa Govahi

Mostafa Govahi

Assistant Professor
Name: Mostafa
Family name: Govahi
Date of birth: 4 January 1981
Place of birth: Behshahr, Mazandaran province, Iran.
Ph.D. in Agronomy (Medicinal Plants Ecophysiology), Trarbiat Modares University (TMU), 2015, Tehran, Iran
Thesis: Ecophysiological response of Salvia officinalis to nutrition systems under different irrigation regimes.
M.Sc. in Agronomy, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, 2006, Kerman, Iran

Honors and Awards
The first rank student in Ph.D, Tarbiat Modares University (TMU)
Teaching Experiences
Statistical Designs
Plant Breading
Organic Agriculture of Medicinal Plants
Principles of Agronomy
M. Sc:
Research methodology and experimental design

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