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Mojtaba Ranjbar

Mojtaba Ranjbar

Assistant Professor
Name: Mojtaba
Family name: Ranjbar
Date of birth: 11 January 1979
Place of birth: Amol, Mazandaran province, Iran.
M.Sc degree: Graduated from university of tehran,Iran(2005-2008). Thesis: Evaluation of morphological and molecular diversity in Iranian accessions of Aegilops crassa.
Ph.D degree(
Molecular genetics and genetic engineering):Graduated from university of tehran,Iran(2008-2012). Thesis: Identification and expression analysis of a number of genes involved in monoterpene and sesquiterpene biosynthesis pathways in some Artemisia species.

Honors and Awards

The second rank in M.Sc. “Iran Universities M.Sc. Entrance Examination” Administered by the National Education Measurement Organization, Ministry of Science Research and Technology of Iran,2005.

The first rank student in Ph.D, university of Tehran, Iran.

The Privileged student in M.Sc and Ph.D, university of Tehran, Iran.



Teaching Experiences
Genetics engineering of prokaryotes
Genetics engineering of eukaryotes
 Methods in biotechnology
 Molecular Biology
Genetics engineering
Journal Papers
  1. Khakdan F., Alizadeh H.,  Ranjbar M. Molecular cloning, functional characterization and expression of a drought inducible phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene (ObPAL) from ocimum basilicum.plant physiology and biochemistry.2018. 
  2. Rahimi  Y. Taleei A.  Ranjbar M. Long-term water deficit modulates antioxidant capacity of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Scientia Horticulturae.2018, 237.36-43.
  3. Rahimi  Y. Taleei A.  Ranjbar M   .Investigation of lim, medh gene expression level and morpho-physiological changes of Mentha piperiat L. in response to drought.Iranian Journal of Field Crop Science.2017.507-516.
  4. Alizadeh H., Khakdan F., Ranjbar M., Shahriari Ahmadi F., Bagheri A.Study of gene expression pattern of chavicol O- methyl transferase gene (CVOMTs), sequencing and characterization of promoter of CVOMTs gene of basil .Modern Genetics Journal(2017)12:1-10.
  5. Rahimi  Y. Taleei A.  Ranjbar M. Changes in the expression of key genes involved in the biosynthesis of menthol and menthofuran in Mentha piperita L. under drought stress. Acta Physiol Plant (2017) 39:203
  6. Khakdan F., Nasiri J., Ranjbar M., Alizadeh H., Water deficit stress fluctuates expression profiles of 4Cl, C3H, COMT, CVOMT and EOMT genes involved in the biosynthetic pathway of volatile phenylpropanoids alongside accumulation of methylchavicol and methyleugenol in different Iranian cultivars of basil. Journal of Plant Physiology. 2017,

  7. M. Moghaddam, N. Farhadi , M. Ranjbar(2017) Variability in essential oil content and composition of Ocimum ciliatum accessions from Iran: Evidence for three chemotypes. International Journal of Food Properties,.2017

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  9. Alaeimoghadam F., Naghavi M.R, Hosseinzadeh A.H., Ranjbar M. Relationship between gene expressions and related terpenes at three developmental stages in Artemisia annua. International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR), 2016 January;8(1):41-49.
  10. Ranjbar M, Naghavi M.R, Alizadeh H, Soltanloo H. Expression of artemisinin biosynthesis genes in eight Artemisia species at three developmental stages. Industrial crops and products, 2015 Dec ;  76(15) :836-843.
  11. Rakei A, Maali-Amiri R, Zeinali H, Ranjbar M. DNA methylation and physio-biochemical analysis of chickpea in response to cold stress. Protoplasma, 2016 Jan;253(1):61-76.      
  12. Asghari M.,  Naghavi M.R.,  Hosseinzadeh A.H. Ranjbar M., Poorebrahim M. Sequence Characterized Amplified Region (SCAR) marker as a tool for selection of High-Artemisinin Species of Artemisia.Research in pharmaceutical sciences.2015 October; 10(5): 453-459.
  13. Ranjbar M, Naghavi M.R, Alizadeh H..Comparative analysis of ADS gene promoter in seven Artemisia species. Journal of Genetics. 2014 Dec;93(3):767-74.
  14. Seyed rahmani R., Naghavi M.R., Mohamadi V., Ranjbar M. Comparison of expression main MEP pathway genes whit monoterpens synthesis in Artemisia annua.. Iranian Journal of Rangelands Forests Plant Breeding and Genetic Research.2014 Dec;22(2):192-200.
  15.  Ranjbar M, Naghavi M.R, Alizadeh H., Soltanloo H., Zali A., Taghizad farid R.  Relative expression analysis of four terpene synthase in Artemisia species. Modern Genetics,(2013) 2:199-206.
  16.  Zare M., Bihamta M.R., Omidi M., Naghavi M.R., Soltanloo H., Ranjbar M. Effects of exogenous methyl jasmonate and 2-isopentenyladenine on artemisinin  production and gene expression in Artemisia annua.. Turk J Bot(2013) 37: 499-505.
  17. Naghavi M.R., Ranjbar M., Hassani M.H., Aghaee M.J., Bamneshin M. Characterization of Iranian Accessions of Aegilpos crassa Boiss. Using Flow Cytometry and Protein Analysis.. J. Agr. Sci. Tech. (2013) Vol. 15: 811-818.
  18. Keivani M., Ramezanpour S.R., Soltanloo H., Choukan R., Naghavi M.R., Ranjbar M. Genetic diversity assessment of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) populations using AFLP markers. AJCS (2010)4:491-497.
  19.  Ranjbar M., Naghavi M.R., Zali A., Aghaee M.J. Identification of Aegilops crassa Cytotypes from Iran and Determination of Distinguishable Morphological Characters among them.. Iranian Journal of Field Crop Science(2010) 41:225-234.
  20.  Naghavi M.R., Ranjbar M., Zali A., Aghaee M.J., Mardi M., Pirseyedi S.M. Genetic Diversity of Aegilops crassa and its Relationship with Aegilops tauschii and the D genome of Wheat. Cereal Research Communications(2009)37(2): 159–167.
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Conference Papers

      Ranjbar M., Naghavi, M.R., Zali, A. and M.Aghaee (2007) Genetic diversity of Aegilops crassa accessions using microsatellite markers. The 5th National Biotechnology Congress of Iran, Tehran,Iran.

      Ranjbar M.,  Naghavi, M.R., Zali, A. and M.Aghaee (2008) Identification of informative SSR markers in Aegilops crassa accessions from Iran .The 10th Iranian Genetics congressTehran,Iran.

      Ranjbar M., Naghavi, M.R., Zali, A. and M.Aghaee (2007) study of  the cytotypes Aegilops crassa from Iran. The 2thmolecular and cell biology congress, Kerman,Iran.

       Nikkhah-kouchaksaraei H.,  Ranjbar M.,(2015) Chemical characterization and antioxidant activity of Froriepia  subpinnata                and Eryngium campestre from Iran.. اولین همایش ملی گیاهان دارویی ، طب سنتی و کشاورزی ارگانیک

فاطمه خاکدان ، مجتبی رنجبر، هوشنگ علیزاده، فرج اله شهریاری(1393)اثرات تنش خشکی بر خصوصیات مرفولوژیکی ترکیب اسانس و فعالیت آنزیم های آنتی اکسیدان در گیاه دارویی ریحان اکوتیپ شیراز. سومین همایش ملی طلای  سبز

 فاطمه خاکدان ، مجتبی رنجبر، هوشنگ علیزاده، فرج اله شهریاری(1393)مطالعه تغییرات ترکیبات موجود در اسانس گیاه دارویی ریحان و پاسخ های آنتی اکسیدانی تحت تنش خشکی . سومین همایش ملی طلای  سبز
Khakdan F, Alizadeh H, Ranjbar M, Shahriari Ahmadi F.(2015) Accumulation of methyl eugenol and methyl chavicol as phenylpropanoid and theircorrelated gene expression in two cultivars of basil (Ocimum basilicum) under water deficit stress

Khakdan F, Alizadeh H, Ranjbar M, Shahriari Ahmadi F.(2015)The effect of water deficit stress on the expression of key genes involved in the biosynthesis of monoterpene and sesquiterpene in basil (Ocimum basilicum)
مجتبی رنجبر، فاطمه خاکدان(1394).ترکیبات شیمیایی اسانس دو اکوتیپ دم شیر) Leonurus cardiac L
علی نیک پی، مجتبی رنجبر (1394). اثر عصاره گیاه دم شیر بر پروتواسکولکس های اکینوکوکوس گرانولوزوس در شرایط آزمایشگاهی

Bodaghi  S, Mortazavian M.M, Seyed Alireza Salami S.A, Ranjbar  M.(2016) Comparison the essential oil of two local ecotypes of Cuminum cyminum L. under drought stress


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