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Published: 5/14/2017 10:30:14 AM Office of Public Relations & International Affairs
Saeid Moosavi Anchepoli
Assistant Professor

Email :
Tel : +98-11-44153452
Internal Tel : 115

Office of scientific and international relation is a subdivision of university president’s administration whose main duty is the implementation and development of international policy and the promotion of the university’s bilateral academic activities.

The main mission of the office is the internationalization of activities and programs, promotion and the utilization of existing capacities in other countries.



1.formulating policies and plans on international and regional relations and collaborations with universities and research centers worldwide as well as enhancing greater recognition of the university in the international community

2.conducting studies necessary to evaluate other countries universities with aim of developing plans with them in line with the university’s internationalization policy

3.planning services needed for faculty members to participate in international congresses,  conferences        and seminars.       

4.providing the necessary facilities for graduate students and faculty members to participate in national      and international congress.

5.planning mutual meeting between scientific and research bodies, singing cooperation agreements and  promoting them

6.exchanging views and experiences with foreign universities regarding academic plans, improvement of productivity and streamlining knowledge production in the global scene.                          

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